Brown's Diesel Sponsors The 2.6 Class At 2014 Spring Diesel Nationals

07 Mar 2014 Marysville, WA - Brown's Diesel, specialists in Dodge Cummins and Powerstroke applications, transmissions and more have sponsored the 2.6 Class for the 2014 Spring Diesel Nationals on March 22, 2014. Here at Brown's Diesel, you will receive the attention you and your truck deserve and accomplish any goals you may have with your truck. Whether you pull loads for hire, pull on the weekends, drag race, sled pull or you like having a fast diesel truck, we can put together the correct combination that will fit your budget and your time schedule.

We specialize in Dodge Cummins and Powerstroke diesel, but can sell all diesel parts for any domestic or European vehicle. We build, strengthen, and sell transmissions (both auto and standard), clutches and torque converters, exhaust, cold air intakes, differentials, engines, turbos, injection pumps, lift pumps, gauges, and more.


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