Trey Sikes Has Home Field Advantage At The Rock

Trey Sikes hails from Hamlet, North Carolina, not far from Rockingham Dragway, also known as THE ROCK.  However, he burst onto the NHRDA Sportsman scene clear over on the other side of the country at the 2014 Season Opening Spring Diesel Nationals in Bakersfield California.  His long haul travels to race the NHRDA circuit have included trips to Texas, St. Louis and Indianapolis so far this year, earning him the nickname Trey "Long-Haul TDI" Sikes from NHRDA founder Randy Cole.

The long trips in his 2010 Volkswagen TDI Wagon have been well worth it. (Yes he drives the car to the events, swapping out the front tires before and after the race .)  So far this season Trey has won three times, with a runner-up in his grey wagon, and the wins have come in impressive fashion.  At the Texas Diesel Nationals in April he won in the final round with a perfect 16.400 on his 16.40 dial, and at Indianapolis last month he carded a 16.19 on his 16.17 dial to win there.

But one has to ask the question - Why Bakersfield?

"My wife's brother Bobby is a Captain in the Air Force, stationed near Sacramento. "said Sikes.  "He has a 2006 Duramax, and after he got home from deployment he got a tune for it from Rob Codden's group.  We were talking about racing and I asked him how far away was Bakersfield.  He was going to be deployed again soon, so before he went back out, and since I had a week's vacation, we decided to go out for a family vacation and to hang out."  he continued.  

"We had a great time, but I had a long drive to think about that red light back to North Carolina."


"I bought the Jetta after I graduated from school.  I had an old S-10 with over 250,000 miles on it and I had to have something reliable and that I could put a lot of miles on.  I never thought I'd drag race it."

What got you started racing your Jetta Wagon?

"Rockingham Dragway had a VW Race - so I decided to go out.  The car was very consistent, and now with drag radials on front and a tranny tune it's very consistent.  It has over 169,000 miles on it, and I bought it in 2010.  It's about the perfect car.  Essentially stock except for a little exhaust work." Said Trey.









I can't wait to race at Rockingham with NHRDA.  I've been racing there since I had a permit.  I sat in the grandstands all my life, watching my dad race there for many years.  I love racing there."

Trey has home field advantage along with a very stout setup for this weekend's Carolina Diesel Nationals, and is the current points leader in the NHRDA Sportsman Class.  He's also already made plans to attend the 2014 World Finals in Texas later this year.


Malone Tuning, Vancouver BC
Everything Euro, West Salem NC

"I'd also like to thank my wife, her parents, my parents, my cousin Josh, friends Sonny and Judy, and especially Staten - for helping me race for the past 12 years.  He and my dad are the reason I'm out here."