Ryan Milliken Working Hard To Debut New Dirtymax

At 4:00 AM Monday the new DirtyMax Pro Stock, which some are calling the "Batmobile", piloted by Ryan Milliken roared to life.  "We blew up the DirtyMax truck in Canada, actually kind of melted it, and it didn't make sense to try and repair it in time for the Big Sky Truck Fest in Billings this weekend.  So we were up until 4 AM getting the it running." said Milliken.  "The new DirtyMax is a 41 Willys Coupe - Twin Turbos instead of compounded turbos.  If we can get it ready, that is what we'll do.  We've got five more days to get there." he continued.

"It's essentially the DirtyMax, but weighs 1000 lbs less."



The iconic team is sponsored by NHRDA Diesel Drag Racing's Title sponsor MBRP, G&J Diesel Performance,  Fass, Wagler Performance, PPE, Dynomite, ARP and Hardway Performance.  The Willys is owned by Brad Makinen at G&J Diesel, and the team has won 7 times so far in 2014 with the DirtyMax truck.

The idea of Ryan driving started with a conversation at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, but Ryan didn't know he was driving the truck until he pitted next to the team at the 1st race of the season in Bakersfield California.  G&J owner Brad Makinen walked over and let him know at the event.  Ryan went 9.19 on his first pass, and was hooked.  He also won the race that weekend.

"It's a lot different than my Super Street truck." he said.  "My own Super Street truck is four wheel drive.  Pro Stock has totally spoiled me:  two wheel drive, wheels up launches, and chutes.  It's amazing."

To say Ryan is a busy guy is a huge understatement.  He not only leads the Pro Stock category in 2014 Championship points, but is also leading the tough Super Street class in his own truck.  However Pro Street drivers take notice, he will be moving up into the Pro Street category in 2015, with help from Fleece, Sun Coast Converters and Hardway Performance.  Looks like it might be those high speeds, wheels up launches and chutes are part of the reason...

A five day thrash to get ready is currently running day and night at the G&J shop in Billings, getting everything ready to debut the new Willys at Yellowstone Dragstrip on Saturday.  The new DirtyMax will also be running for the Pro Stock Championship at the World Finals in Texas in October.  Ryan is looking for a rare Double in 2014, attempting to win NHRDA season championships in both Pro Stock and Super Street.



SPONSORS   MBRP, G&J Diesel Performance, Fass Diesel Fuel Systems, Wagler Performance, PPE, Dynomite, ARP, Hardway Performance

TRUCK       1941 Willys
ENGINE       Duramax



SPONSORS  Fleece Performance, Sun Coast Converters,  Hardway Performance

TRUCK       2007 Dodge Ram
ENGINE       Cummins