Tom Hansen Ready For West Vs. East Battle For the 3.0 Title

Located about thirty minutes west of Salt Lake City Utah is Stansbury Park.  It's not far from Tooele, and is the home of the current points leader in NHRDA 3.0 Sled Pulling Competition, Tom Hansen.  Tom currently holds the number one spot in the class by just six points, the closest points chase in the NHRDA this season.  Tom will be heading east representing the west at the NHRDA World Finals at the Texas Motorplex Oct 3-4th to try and clinch his first NHRDA National Championship, and to capture a win at the World Finals.

Tom got his start in diesel racing on the asphalt:  "We drag raced with NHRDA starting about 2009. It wasn't anything really fast, it was just a twelve second truck but we were always breaking on the asphalt.  It was always something;  a shaft in the transmission, a torque convertor, a flex plate, driveline, frontend, rear end.  We were always breaking, and it just got too expensive.  So we got into sled pulling."

The team's first NHRDA Sled Pulling victory came at the 2014 season opening Spring Diesel Nationals earlier this year in Bakersfield California, followed by a runner up at the Texas Diesel Nationals, and then two more wins quickly came at the Diesels on the Mountain event in Denver and the Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals in Oregon where he defeated fellow Utah puller Weylin Richards.


"Big thanks to Shawn Baca, the head engine builder and assembler at Industrial Injection.  He goes to every sled pull, doesn't matter if it's a hundred miles from home or 2,000 miles from home.  He goes to every sled pull with me, without asking.  It's always OK.... We're going." Said Hansen.   "He's always there, he's always helping."

"Also Matt Moon - he got me into sled pulling years and years ago.  Got me hooked on it, it's like drugs you know." Laughed Hansen.  "My wife - Christine, and my five year old son Tommy, and three year old daughter Jocelynn are my biggest supporters."

When asked about racing in Texas at the Motorplex for the World Finals Tom said "We were there at the Motorplex for the first time in April.  We're going to be there to try and bring home the title.  We've won our local title here in Utah and Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.  We've won four championships.  The competition is not as strong as NHRDA.  Our goal for this year was to try and get out this season with the big trucks from back east and see how we would stack up."


Tom sponsors include Industrial Injection, Edge Products, J&G Transmissions, and Starlite Diesel for the 2014 season.

Tom described his truck and setup this way - "It's a 2005 Dodge Ram with an Industrial Injection Built 6.7 Cummins Motor.  It came from the factory with the 5.9.  We ripped that out and put a 6.7 in. For electronics, Starlite Diesel - we have the EFI Conversion kit on it.  We have run two ECM's on it, so we can still run ECM's on a 2005.  There are not many trucks in the nation that have the kit we do.  It runs an Industrial Injection Fuel System.  We're constantly changing turbos.  We do the R&D for their sled pulling turbo building, so we have never really run the same turbo more than once or twice.  We're trying to raise the bar and get the best info we can.  Basically we try to run on the truck anything that Industrial Injection markets."

"My buddies and I have always gone back east to watch the sled pulls there.  We always wanted to compete at that level.  And we're trying to get to that level where they are.  We know hands down that sled pulling on the west coast is nothing like it is on the east coast, but we're trying to change that.", said Hansen.  "We're always trying to learn and to gain power.  We want to be as good as them.  We're not saying we are as good as them, but we're hoping that one day we can be.  They pull 60 times a year to our 25 times or so a year." Tom continued.


2005 Dodge Ram

Motor - 6.7 Cummins built by Industrial Injection
Industrial Injection Fuel System
Starlite Diesel ECM











SPONSORS     Industrial Injection, Edge Products, J&G Transmissions, Starlite Diesel