John Robinson Ready To Defend World Title

John Robinson's Power Service Diesel Additives Funny Car won the spring 2014 Texas Diesel Nationals at the Motorplex, he is also the defending 2013 World Finals Champion at the legendary track.  The competition is going to be tough this time around, but this world champion is looking forward to competition this weekend.  Sponsor Texas Diesel Power has also sponsored the left lane for this year's World Finals.

John's start in diesel drag racing was simple, and over the years he's seen tremendous changes:  "We started out as low as you could start.  We started out with a super comp dragster, and we threw in a wore out 230,000 miles Cummins in it and ran it till she blew up. We were the 3rd or 4th guy to put a diesel in a rail.  We just started from right there.  I think it shows that anybody can do this.  Since we got started from ground zero anybody can do this is they want to do the work.  The money is out there, the sponsors are out there.  The old saying "If you build it they will come" applies.  First you got to build it, and do it, but there are a lot of diesel people that want to get a horse in this race, and not enough cars."

"We're a kind of an anomaly, but I hope we're a trailblazer there, with more teams to come.  I think what's pretty unique about our team is our corporate sponsorship, most of the teams out there are sponsored by a diesel shop or industry company." he continued.


"I think we've got one of the best teams around.  Coy Randle, our chief runs a multibillion dollar company.  He's very good at leading people, and very good under pressure.  Several of the guys work for him during the week.  It's just a damn good group of guys.  It takes a great group for a team to run effectively." said Robinson.

John has an impressive group of sponsors and companies helping out as well; he had this to say about them - "The different companies that work with this team - Texas Diesel Power, Diesel Power Services, Scheid, Lenco, and Crower for our clutch.  All of the guys have converged on this one project and we all share information, and all are working toward one common goal, from all across the country.  These diesel cars are unique, and not off-the-shelf, so people want to get involved in it."


Robinson's philosophy and experience shows in his approach to racing.  "I look at this car as a tool for building relationships." he said.  "If you're not building relationships you're not getting sponsors, not selling parts, making friends.  It's the relationships that get help from other people for going fast, going racing." he continued


After a crash in Bowling Green in 2013, John and team purchased a McKinney Funny Car chassis that was originally owned by Johnny Gray, back when he was working with Del Worsham.  "Mike Strasburg had purchased it as a backup, and it was up in their trailer." John commented. "When I went up there and bought the chassis and told them what I was doing with it, they just shook their heads.  I handed them the money and off I went, but now we have a wonderful relationship, off the car, but the car was the catalyst.  The friendship has been wonderful, and they have been so helpful."


"We can put the funny car body on, or swap it out literally in a matter of a couple of minutes.  The reason we did that is we finally had the car fast enough to run in the Top Dragster class in NHRA, but there are no Funny Cars allowed in Top Dragster.  It has to be open wheel.  We didn't want to run a dragster, so it was a no-brainer to put an alter body on it and go." he commented.

"I'm not sure, but we might run the other body at the World Finals too.  Just bring both of them, make one pass with the Funny Car body, and one with the Altered.  It would be fun to run both on one day, and see which one goes faster." continued Robinson.

"I built this business on honesty.  I think this is what sets our business apart.  We run it honest.  The repair business is full of people that take advantage.  That's not the way we run.  We diagnose the truck with the customer right there with you.  He sees what we see, and we can ask questions.  It builds trust.  We like to engage each customer one on one.  We started in 2000 out of my shop at my home.  In the 1980's I started with pumps for Semi's at truck stops.  Back in those days if you wanted to work on a diesel, you had to work on the big rigs.









CLASS - NHRDA Top Diesel

Motor - Scheid B Series Cummins Based
Aries Low Compression Pistons
Billet Rods
Hamilton Custom Cast Head with Scheid 6 Axis Porting
Scheid p8600 14mm injection pump
Scheid Triple-Feed Injectors