NHRDA Visits With Super Street Legend Rob Coddens

The 2015 Season has already been amazing for the Super Street Class, with a record number of drivers running better than the national record. But so far Rob Coddens has been the only driver to run the required 2nd pass within one percent to reset the National records in Super Street. Rob set the record at the recently completed Diesels On The Mountain at Bandimere Speedway in Denver Colorado. With the track over a "mile high" - be sure this battle for supremacy in Super Street is far from over. Since 2009 the ET record in the class has been lowered by over 1.2 seconds, which is pretty impressive, particularly since these trucks are as heavy as they are!

So far this year it's been a titanic battle between three drivers:

Daniel Pierce - 9.22 at the Spring Diesel Nationals in Bakersfield, CA
Rob Coddens 9.36 at Diesels On The Mountain, Denver, CO
Derek Rose - 9.41 at Diesels On The Mountain, Denver, CO

We caught up with the always busy Rob Coddens via phone as he worked at Adrenaline Truck Performance, his shop in Meridian Idaho, which is just west of Boise and not far from Firebird Raceway. He had a few minutes to provide some perspective on the racing in the class so far this year, his National Record performance and win over Derek Rose in Denver, and what we might expect at the Super Street Shootout in St. Louis in a couple of weeks and the other races later this year.

Rob is one of the true pioneers of diesel drag racing; he got started over 10 years ago, running his work truck at Firebird Raceway in Boise. Along the way he's won a National Points championship in 2012 and numerous other wins over the years. His truck, named Max'd is a 2002 GMC Duramax, and is sponsored by SoCal Diesel Engine, Calvin's Transmission, Big Twin Diesel and Adrenaline Truck Performance.

The Super Street class has seen two periods in its history when records were set and reset in short succession, 2009, and so far this year. When we asked Rob about it, he had the following comments.

"2008 is when we built the truck, and 2009 was when we first campaigned the truck, so when we finished the truck, we got it started and put it into the trailer and drove it to that event where we first set the record." Said Coddens. "So that was a brand new truck, first time it had been at the track. So that record was set with a truck that we'd put together that we felt came up with the new rules, and it came out and set the record right away. But we had a new truck that required a lot of tuning and things racers have to do in general to win. "

"I went to the local track here in Boise, Firebird Raceway which is a very good track, and it didn't take a whole lot to make some big leaps and bounds. I always want to win the event, and not try to just set records, so I always kept the truck tuned conservatively, to win."

"So when you see those jumps in performance it was usually that someone had had broken the record, so I'd tune up the truck to win at the end of the event. We've had the mph pretty much since 2009 except for a couple of rule changes that cleared the old records. "

"We've often run faster than the records, but having to run within 1% at the same event was tough, because sometimes we'd run in multiple classes, so it didn't work for the super street record. I just keep the truck tuned to win the event, and don't really worry about the record so much."

The battle at the Diesels On The Mountain event in Denver was a back and forth affair that wasn't resolved until the finish line in the Super Street final. Derek Rose had qualified number one with a 9.41, then Coddens ran as quick as 9.36 in eliminations, all setting up an epic final round battle for the win, the national record, and most important bragging rights going into the next event.


"Derek Rose coming out in the 9.40's brought the competition to the class, so we tuned up to answer the competition." Said Coddens. "Denver was probably the first event where I felt I'd have to run record setting numbers to beat the competition. So in all the years of doing the events with this truck I never felt I was going to have to run the truck at 100% to win. This was the first time I've ever walked into the event not confident that I had a good chance to win, so I knew that the truck would have to run record setting times to win the event." He continued.

Rob's final round effort was not within the required one percent to back up his 9.36 for the record, but he did have the runs to set the new ET record for the class at 9.478 at 152.37 mph. No one, including Rob, feels those numbers will hold up for the rest of the 2015 season.

"We went 9.36 in Denver at elevation - and spinning really hard." Said Coddens. "I think we could see the trucks in the 9.20's, they certainly have the potential to run that fast. But everything has to come together perfectly to get that so. We are going to gun for that in Woodburn. That's a perfect track for that, really smooth, great elevation, and I think we'll have the truck tuned in and ready to go for that."

"So the 9.20's I think is possible. To do it back-to-back to set the record will be something to be seen."

Rob wanted to specifically thank team members Monte Stark and Steve Murphy. "They work tirelessly at the shop, drive to most of the events, and they are very good support and allow me to do what I do at the track. Without them this would be tough to do."

XDP Diesel Power will present the Super Street Shootout at the 2015 MidWest Truckin Nationals June 27th, 2015 at Gateway Motorsports Park, and $5000.00 in prize money is up for grabs for all Super Street Competitors. See nhrda.com for full details. There is a $500.00 Bonus award to any competitor that can set and back up a new National Super Street Record at the event.

The Pacific Coast Diesel Nationals in Woodburn Oregon is shaping up to also be a real barn burner for the class; it will be interesting to see who comes out on top as we make our way to the 2015 World Finals at the Motorplex in Texas in October!