Jim Greenway Claims 3 of 4 Sled Pull National Championships

One of the greatest examples of what it takes to be a true champion in NHRDA Sled Pulling is the year multi-time champion Jim Greenway had in 2016. Champions have this extra gear, or extra drive, or extra something that kicks in when it gets tough. Where some stop and give up, or lose their drive to continue, champions such as Nixa Missouri's Jim Greenway do not.

Champions just work even harder, and when the dust settled at the end of the season, there was Greenway and his team, winning not one, not two, but three of the four NHRDA National Champion Titles. Jim added one world championship in Sled Pull Pro Stock to the winners list, for a record total of four championships in one season.

NHRDA Founder Randy Cole spoke with Jim in the Winners Circle:

Jim won the Limited Pro Stock, Sled Pull Pro Stock and Super Stock National Points Championships this year. He missed winning two more world titles by less than a foot at the World Finals.

Jim's season started off with some mechanical gremlins at the first two events of the season in a couple of the categories. First, at the Texas Diesel Nationals, and the gremlins continued at the Desert Diesel Nationals in Arizona. It was a tough start for Greenway, with only one hook per event; it's not easy to overcome a slow start in NHRDA Sled Pulling.

Jim rolled into the next event on the schedule, the Oklahoma Diesel Nationals, and just about swept the table. He won in both Limited Pro Stock and Super Stock where he won a big victory over Jason Stott, and was the runner-up in the Pro Stock Category. In Limited Pro Stock he bested runner-up Darren Ruter by just inches, 311.09 to 311.04. He also had the longest pull of the night in the NHRDA classes with his 320 plus foot pull in Super Stock.

Greenway had some heat issues with his engine, but with the wins began to extend his points lead in Super Stock, and make up ground in the other two classes.

At the Big Sky Truck Fest in Montana Jim didn't win, but he kept pace with Jason Stott in Super Stock, who was only able to pick up four points on him. He was able to gain a lot of ground in the other classes, as contender Kindra Rauch did not make the trip north to Montana.

In the World finals Jim was runner-up to eventual 2016 Super Stock World Champion Jason Stott, but Greenway won the National Title by one point over Stott in the class. He was also the runner up at the World Finals in Limited Pro Stock to Vanessa Hyndman by less than a foot, but had enough of an advantage to claim the National Championship over Kindra Rauch by a lucky and well earned thirteen points.

His win in Sled Pull Pro Stock at the World Finals added to his lead over Amalee Mueller, earning him both the National Title and the World Championship in that class.

"I need to thank my sponsors, MBRP Exhaust, FASS Fuel Systems, BD Power, S&S Diesel Motorsports and Genesis Shock Absorbers." said Greenway. "I thank everybody that's been behind us, my family and the shop, it's just been a blessing. It started out a little tough, but it turned out to be a good year."

The level of competition continued to improve in the Sled Pull classes in 2016, 2017 is already shaping up to be an awesome season of hooks and Sled Pulling in the NHRDA Sled Pull Series.