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Hot Shot's Secret

Hot Shot's Secret is an industry leading fuel and oil additive manufacturer. Developing powerful, patented formulas is not where we stop; our team researches and tests continuously until our products are the strongest on the market. Proudly made in the USA, down to the label.

Powered by science isn't just a catchphrase. Our recently built headquarters in central Ohio features two laboratories, as well as incorporating the newest safety and chemical engineering equipment currently available. Our in-house team of Chemists constantly tests our products on location and through third parties to ensure our products are the most effective they can be. This procedure allows us to confidently stand behind our formulas and offer money back guarantees on our products.

Hot Shot's Secret provides concentrated products to treat oil systems, fuel systems, transmissions and differentials, with a primary focus on diesel applications. Our experts develop our products to be safe for use in all diesel fuel types including biodiesel blends, as well as compatible with all modern emission systems. Created by diesel enthusiasts for diesel enthusiasts, we have a unique understanding of fellow diesel owners' needs and issues.

For more than 20 years, Hot Shot's Secret has successfully solved issues for some of the largest companies in North America including American Showa, Midwest Industries and International Truck and Engine. Whether diesel owners are suffering from failing injectors or turbos, excessive friction causing loss of power or fuel economy, or rely on their diesels in harsh conditions such as motorsports or heavy towing; Hot Shot's Secret is the proven answer.

Visit us at: www.hotshotsecret.com