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2023 NHRDA Drag Racing Classes & Rules

Rules are subject to change without notice.  Competitors need to check regularly for updates!

 General rules 

Throughout this rulebook, several references are made for products to meet certain specifications (i.e., SFI Specs, Snell, DOT, etc.).  It is important to realize that these products are manufactured to meet certain  specifications, and upon completion, the manufacturer labels the product as meetings that spec. Therefore, excerpt as outlined under SFI requirements, any change to the product voids certification. 

Under no circumstances may any certified product be modified, altered, or in any way vary from the "as manufactured: condition. Such a practice is in violation of the SFI, Snell, DOT, etc. program, voids such certification and therefore will not be accepted by NHRA and/or NHRDA.

Notice: It is the responsibility of the participant, not NHRDA, NHRA or any track, to ensure that all safety equipment is not modified or altered, is approved, and correctly installed, worn, maintained and used properly. 

In no way are these rules intended to supersede or replace the current NHRA and/or Track Rules.

All competitors in all classes must have NHRDA competition number and class abbreviation in clear visible area on the front window, tower side window and back window of competition vehicle.

All competition vehicles must display NHRDA & HOT SHOTS SECRET decals on both sides of vehicle and be in plain view.

Competition is only open to diesel powered vehicles and all competitors must have a valid current driver license for all classes

A vehicle entered in a Pro class, including Super Street (5.90 Index), may NOT be entered in any other NHRDA sanctioned class during event.

All Pro classes, including Super Street (5.90 Index), must utilize an NHRA accepted lower engine oil-retention device; may use a belly pan in lieu of a device attached to the engine. The belly pan must extend from framerail to framerail and extend forward of the harmonic balancer and rearward to rear engine plate and must incorporate a minimum 2-inch-high lip on all sides. A nonflammable, oil-absorbent liner mandatory inside of retention device. See NHRA General Regulations.

For all NHRDA classes, except for Sportsman ET Bracket, all vehicles will be required to have exhausts turned upward.

W9 must be completed, signed and returned to NHRDA for any payouts to be sent out.

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W9 must be filled out & returned to NHRDA for any payouts to be completed and sent.