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Membership Release, Liability Waiver, and Assumption of Risk

Membership Release, Liability Waiver, and Assumption of Risk

I agree to the following:

- I acknowledge that I am fully aware of the hazards and dangers involved in auto racing and or any competition. I hereby assume all risks involved in my participation at any NHRDA sanctioned event.

- I agree to hold harmless the NHRDA and all sponsor’s, employees and any person authorize to represent the above company from all personal injuries and/or damage caused by my participation at any sanctioned NHRDA event.

- NHRDA and its entire sponsors, employee’s and any person authorized by the NHRDA may use my name, accomplishments, photographs, video, television and any other images and statements in any manner and without time limitation for the purpose of promoting NHRDA, Diesel TV and its sponsors.

- By agreeing to these terms, I authorize NHRDA to send text messages to my cell phone to convey information related to the NHRDA. I understand that standard text messaging rates will apply to any messages received from the NHRDA. I agree not to hold NHRDA for any charges generated by this service.

- This AGREEMENT binds me, my heirs, legatees, personal representatives, and all those claiming through me.

- I acknowledge that I must return a completed W9 to the NHRDA before receiving any payouts for racing.