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2023 NHRDA Sled Pulling Rules and Classes 

Rules are subject to change without notice. Competitors need to check regularly for updates!

General Rules - 

Throughout this Rulebook, a number of references are made for particular products to meet certain specifications (i.e., SFI Specs, Snell, DOT, etc.). It is important to realize that these products are manufactured to meet certain specifications, and upon completion, the manufacturer labels the product as meeting that spec. Therefore, except as outlined under SFI requirements, any change to the product voids that certification.

Under no circumstances may any certified product be modified, altered, or in any way vary from the “as manufactured” condition. Such a practice is in violation of the SFI, Snell, DOT, etc. program, voids such certification and therefore will not be accepted by NHRDA.

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant, not NHRDA, to ensure that all safety equipment is not modified or altered, is approved and is correctly installed, worn, maintained and used.

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W9 must be filled out & returned to NHRDA for any payouts to be completed and sent.